Design your own kitchen sink

If, despite our large range of standard sinks, you cannot find a countertop sink that suites your needs, you can design your own unique sink in our drawing program. You do not need to download any program and you can save your drawing on your computer and do as many variants as you wish. You can see the price for your different choices  directly on the screen.

The Olofström kitchen sink is slightly cheaper and has some limitations in choice, while the Contura Design sink allows you to design freely with few restrictions. The pictures below link you to the design program of the two models.

Our custom-made sinks are to a large extent handmade, and we are able to make more special solutions than the design programs allow. If you’re not able to design your countertop exactly as you want it, or need help or tips, please contact us at customer service and we will be happy to help you.

Olofström kitchen sink

An affordable & sturdy, custom-made sink

The Olofström worktop is manufactured in 1 mm stainless steel with an end-to-end covering MDF board on the underside. You can choose between two profiles, Classic and Modern, as well as 11 different bowl combinations, with a classic design or a modern, square, one. You can also include an opening for a stovetop.

Contura Design

Exclusive with unlimited choices

The Contura Design is made from 1.25 mm stainless steel with an end-to-end covering MDF board on the underside. Here you have almost unlimited choices; you can choose between three different profiles, two different types of upturned edges at the back and on the side and you can customise your own unit by combining more than 30 different bowls.

Tips when designing your custom-made sink

It can sometimes be overwhelming with all the choices that need to be made when designing your kitchen sink. To facilitate your work we have gathered some advice and tips from our internal experts. Also Frida Lundgren with over 50,000 followers on Instagram at, @froken.frida, shares her thoughts when she replaced the old sink in her kitchen.

What to consider when designing your sink?

Frida: Contura Steel’s drawing program was very easy to use! As I had some very special demands, I chose to design in the Contura Design program, where I was given a large leeway regarding design! Once I had decided what the sink would look like, it took me around ten minutes to draw and submit my drawing to Contura Steel for review! Link to Frida’s post.

Patrik Genborg, Product Manager: There are two drawing programs; one for Olofström Kitchen Sinks with slightly fewer choices but cheaper, and one for Contura Design where you have full freedom of choice. I suggest you start designing your kitchen sink in Olofström, and if you cannot find all the choices you want, you can switch to the drawing program for Contura Design by clicking on the green tab in the upper right corner. The program will export what you have done in the Olofström program to the Contura Design program. We can produce much more advanced products than the design programs can handle, so if you can’t design what you want in the program, contact customer service and we will help you.

The bowls should in most cases be placed in the middle of the cabinet. To calculate where to place the bowls you take the cabinet width where the bowls should be, minus the bowl/bowls total width (you will find the dimensions when you choose bowl). You then divide the result by 2, which gives you how far from the cabinet edge the edge of the sink should be. How far in you want the bowl can also be chosen and a common distance is that the bowl is placed 80 mm from the front edge.

The bowls are normally placed so that you wash in the largest, rinse in the smaller and then place the dishes etc. on the surface next to the smaller, which is why most people want the smallest bowl near the free surface.

The depth of the Countertop is usually determined by the cabinets. The depth needed is the total depth of the cabinet from the wall to the outer edge + the thickness of the door + a few more mm. The most common in an older standard kitchen is a depth of 600 mm, but newer kitchens often require 610 or 620 mm. IKEA kitchens have in most cases 635 mm. If the countertop connects to another countertop, it should have the same height which usually is 30 or 40 mm.

Tolerances: We manufacture the sinks with minimum tolerances, ie the benches are 1-2 mm shorter than the dimensions specified, so you do not need to compensate for this.

The faucet hole has a diameter of 32 mm and is usually placed in the middle between the bowls and just above the line that can be drawn between the bowls upper edge. If you want a different location of faucet hole, note this in the comment box when you submit a request or order.

How do I order and pay?

Pia Nielsen at customer service: From the drawing program you can either submit a request, then we at customer service will contact you and discuss how you want your product and support you if you have questions or other concerns. If you want to place an order directly, there is a button in the drawing program also for that. The order goes directly to customer service and you will receive an order confirmation with your choices at the latest the following working day.

Payment can be made either by invoice (credit report taken) or by card.

How long is the delivery time and how is the sink delivered?

Pia: From order to delivery it usually takes about 15 working days. The delivery date can be found on the order confirmation.

The sink will be delivered directly to the address specified at the time of order. The distributor, usually Schenker, will call the customer before they deliver to ensure that there is someone in place to receive the delivery.

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