OEM Services

Contura Steel has a well developed collaboration for contract production of our customers’ products (OEM) and have supplied (and are supplying) products to both automotive, medical and construction companies. Primarily it is our unique press capacity with large press tables and press forces that our customers appreciate and which allows us to provide them with large products with complex geometries. But we also have a large number of medium-sized and smaller presses in our press department that can be used to produce smaller products in high volumes.

Our unique press capacity

We have three large presses with 3200 x 2000 mm work tables with press capacity of 1000 -1600 tonnes and a slightly smaller double-acting hydraulic press with a 1620 x 1300 mm table and 900 tonnes press capacity. These have previously been part of a fully automated bath-tub line and are now used for pressing large details with complex geometries.

In our press department we also have five medium-sized presses with press forces between 300-500 tonnes and also a large number of smaller presses.

More detailed information about our presses can be found in this PDF (soon to come).

Other capabilities

We also have an eccentric press department with smaller eccentric presses with press forces of 20-100 tonnes. These are usually used for smaller details produced in high volumes. One example is our automated press line with a press force of up to 100 tonnes and a capacity to produce 2500 parts / hour from coil with a maximum width of 200 mm.

We also have other equipment required for sheet metal forming such as cutting line, bending machines (including a newly purchased Salvagnini), plasma cutting, welding etc.

Unique craftmanship

Our unique machines would be nothing without our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Many in our workforce have worked with stainless steel production for more than 30 years and have solid experience of press forming of both steel, stainless-steel and other materials. Since we also have other sheet metal forming operations such as polishing, grinding, bending, welding, cutting and encourage job rotation, our staff have expertise also outside the actual pressing operations. 5S and continuous improvements are an integrated part of our daily work and we have the required ISO certificates.

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