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We have in Mörrum produced Kitchen and Utility sinks from Swedish Stainless Steel since 1927.

Rostfritt gör livet enklare!

Sedan 1927 har vi med svensk stål tillverkat rostfria disk- och tvättbänkar. I blekingska Mörrum lever en tradition som började för drygt 280 år sedan och som ständigt utvecklas.

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Design your own kitchen-sink according to your ideas and wishes

Sometimes the standard solutions do not fit. With the market’s most easy-to-use design program, you can design your sink just the way you want it in less than a minute. Width, length, height and sinks can be varied almost infinitely. No download required and you will see the price directly for each choice. Save if you are satisfied and send us a request or order directly from the program. Easy!

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Olofström Kitchen Sink

– A Classic

In 1927 we manufactured our first stainless steel sink and called it Olofström, one of the oldest registered brands in Sweden. A few years ago we re-launched the Olofström kitchen sink, a classic, solid, stainless steel counter-top sink. A vintage kitchen sink with a modern touch that you can have tailor-made to fit your kitchen. Try designing your own Olofström countertop sink in our easy to-use-design program.

The Olofström Kitchen sink

Contura Steel and “Made in Sweden”

Our sinks are made in Mörrum of Swedish steel. As far as possible, we utilize local suppliers and we are proud to say that our products are truly “Made in Sweden”. Good for the environment and good for the society in which we work and live.

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