Contura Steel AB – Stainless-steel with a long tradition

Since September 2015 Contura Steel AB is a family owned company that develops, manufactures and sells stainless steel products, mainly for the Nordic market. Our main products are kitchen sinks, washbasins and laundry benches, all sold under the brandnames Contura, Olofström and Ifö. We also manufacture and sell outdoor kitchens, branded Contura Steel Outdoor Kitchen.

Our factory and office are in Mörrum, in a beautiful part of southern Sweden. Our organization is small enough to provide all each customer with a personal customer service with a great flexibility to meet all varied requests, but we are big enough to handle all the requirements and volumes of our largest customers.

Our keywords are:

  • Customer service
    We take a great honor in helping you find the correct product for your needs and to quickly and flexibly handle changed requests. Therefore, customer service and sales are located close to our production and warehouse and have very long experience of the business
  • Made in Sweden
    The production flow, starting with the iron ore for our stainless-steel products, is all in Sweden and we cooperate with local suppliers in the vincinty of our production site. Locally produced parts reduce our environmental impact, provides jobs locally and increases our flexibility to respond quickly to and meet our customers’ varied wishes.
  • Professional 
    In all we do, we act professionally, from dealing with our customers, suppliers and authorities, to how we operate our business internally. We keep our promises and will never promise anything we cannot deliver.
  • Quality
    We produce high quality products that we are proud of. Quality always comes first. We are the only Nordic kitchen sink manufacturer that has both high volume production and one-piece production of unique one-of-the-kind products, and we are one of the few that do all the important parts such as sinks and countertops ourselves. This gives us control over the whole production process. We are ISO 9001 certified. •
  • Social responsibility  
    We take responsibility for the environment and society in which we live and act by prioritizing to use suppliers in our vicinity, which both benefit our environment through reduced transport, and the local community being given jobs. We are ISO14001 certified.


The 280 year old story of Contura Steel’s stainless-steel production

Our story begins with the establishment of an industrial iron mill, Olofströms Bruk, in the southern part of Sweden in 1735 and continues via the start of kitchen sink production in 1927 to moving the kitchen sink production to our current location in Mörrum in 1962. The sinks were sold under the famous Olofström brand until the early 1990s. It was then replaced by the Ifö brand. The business has been part of many different well-known companies, such as Olofströms Bruk, Svenska Stålpressnings AB, Separator, Alfa Laval, Volvo, Ifö to name a few. Now we are on our own as a family owned company and will keep up our long tradition of making quality stainless-steel products.

In 1735, Blekinge County’s first industrial ironwork was founded and on September 24th, Olofströms Bruks letter of privilege was signed and it’s operations won official status.

In 1759 Mr. Olof Ohlsson bought the company and under his leadership the company thrived. He led the company for about 20 years and it is this entrepreneur who gave his name to the present city of Olofström.

In 1870 the Company began to manufacture enameled sinks

In 1885 the Olofström brand was registered at the Royal Patent and Registration Office. The brand is one of the oldest in Sweden.

In 1887 Olofströms Bruk was acquired by Svenska Stålpressnings AB, a subsidiary of Gustaf de Lavals AB Separator. Manufacturing of separators began.

In 1926, the mill started manufacturing steel parts for the newly started company Volvo Cars’ first car project; “Jakob”. It was the start of a long-lasting collaboration.

In 1927, production of stainless steel sinks and pans was started, and it was probably the first production of stainless steel sinks in Northern Europe. At the same time, the company started with the first series-production of parts to Volvo Cars.

In 1930 the brand Olofström became a nationally known when the Stockholm Exhibition’s luxury apartments were equipped with steel sinks from Olofström.

In 1960, Production of parts to Volvo Duett was moved to the newly built Mörrum factory. At the same time production of kitchen products was started in Mörrum.

In 1962, the production of kitchen sinks and bathtubs was moved to Mörrum, as all Olofström’s resources were needed for Volvo. The Mörrum factory was by that time one of the world’s largest manufacturers of stainless-steel kitchen sinks.

In 1969 Volvo Cars acquired the Olofström factory and named it Volvo Olofströmsverken. The same year, the Mörrum factory was bought by Euroc, in which also Ifö belonged.

In 1972, Ifö bought the Motala kitchen sink division and moved all production to Mörrum. The production volume in Mörrum was doubled to 400 000 units/year.

During the 1990’s the brand Olofström was replaced by Ifö

In 2013 the company Contura Steel AB was formed by Ifö Sanitär and all the Stainless-steel development and production was concentrated to the new company

In 2015 Contura Steel was acquired by Småris Holding AB and became a family owned business

In 2016 a new product range of stainless steel sinks “Scandinavia” was introduced

In 2017, celebrating 90 years as kitchen sink producer, the original brand Olofström was reintroduced for a new product range of kitchen sinks. The Olofström kitchen sinks can be custom built according to the customers requirements